Epic Sound Quality

Our self-developed virtual bass, combined with dynamic EQ technology create stereo sound quality that can only be described as epic.


  • Virtual bass:

    Oladance uses dynamic monitoring algorithms to detect those bass frequencies occluded by high resonant frequencies and air blocking, and reproduce them, restoring a full and deep bass, massively improving the sound quality experience.

  • Dynamic EQ:

    Keep your bass tuned with Oladance’s virtual bass and dynamic EQ technology. Using automatic hearing compensation, they deliver even sound at different frequencies. Whether you’re indoor or outdoor, Oladance provides a stronger sound quality experience, at any time.

  • Most powerful drivers:

    Two powerful 16.5mm drivers combine to bring you acoustic brilliance. With drivers three times the size of Apple’s Airpods, they create an audio experience that’s more like an intimate concert setting, and less like a pair of earphones. And the top bio-diaphragm technology offers a rich, consistent listening experience at any volume, from crisp and clear highs to driving, powerful lows.

  • Strength of Core:

    The OWS earphone is equipped with a powerful smart chip that supports high-speed computing and adds a variety of audio algorithms to bring stable and stereo high-quality sound to your ears.