What is OWS?

OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) is the brand new solution for all the pain points of traditional TWS earphones.

OWS was first proposed by Olandance, and is a fully open experience.

Relying on the improvement of chip technology and algorithms in recent years, OWS uses multiple sound source points and dynamic monitoring and calculation to form synthetic sounds. Also, it dynamically adjusts the phase relationship between each synthetic sound source to suppress the diffusion of external sound and enhance the detailed performance of in-ear sound transmission. 

In addition,  sound frequencies that the human ear is not sensitive to are moved to the frequency band that the human ear is sensitive to, bringing better sound quality while reducing the threat of sound to hearing health. For the first time, OWS technology solves the problem of poor sound quality in open earphones, and brings a sound quality experience far beyond the various current open-audio solutions.

Compared to traditional in-ear wearable listening solutions, the truly open earphones with OWS technologies provide a better user experience, and we believe is the final form of long-time wearable listening devices in the future.