FAQ About White Noise

White noise is a common problem with all speakers and headphones; it is generated when electronic devices operate. Most TWS headphones also have white noise when the system turns on the noise reduction mode. It is a normal phenomenon, not the quality problem of the headset itself, so there is no need to worry. 

We added an amplifier chip in the OWS to achieve excellent sound performance. The function of the amplifier chip is to amplify the weak signal from the sound source to achieve a better listening effect. Since OWS is designed for long-time wear, the setting of the OWS power amplifier is enabled by default when no music is played. At this time, due to the characteristics of the amplifier chip, a certain background white noise will be generated.

If you are having trouble with white noise generated by OWS, the following information may help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

1. Download Oladance APP on the APP store or google play. (version 4.0.6)

2. Click "New Device" to add the OWS earbuds to the app. 

3. After connecting to the product in the APP, enter the "Settings" interface, and you will see an "Auto Mute" button.

4. According to your needs, you can freely choose the option of "5 minutes" or "1 hour". The system will go silent after the time period you choose, and the amplifier will be turned off.

Of course, you don't have to worry about turning it on manually when using it again. When the music starts to play, the power amplifier in the system will automatically turn on, and a slight "Pop" sound means the power amplifier is on.

We are still doing our best to upgrade the product's user experience and will innovatively solve this problem in the following software upgrade and product iteration. If you think this solution cannot help you, we can provide unconditional return service. Please get in touch with our after-sales customer service.

FAQ About Parameters

Oladance B1 is the world’s first open wearable stereo with a unique battery behind design. This innovative design provides several advantages. Compared with commonly used in-ear earbuds, it has all the benefits of open earbuds, like letting you hear the surrounding sound while listening to music, reducing hearing loss, and is comfortable for long-term wear. Compared with normal open-ear headphones, its special design provides better balance and tight fit for sports, better sound quality, and tripled battery life of up to 16 hours per charge and up to 94 hours with the add-on charging case.

No. Bone-conduction technology delivers vibrations directly to the inner ear, bypassing the eardrum. While this can be effective, it requires a tight fit between the bone-conduction device and your head and has significant limitation of sound quality. The Oladance Wearable Stereo B1 is different. Instead of sending sound waves through your bones, we use proprietary OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) technologies (include 16.2mm drivers, Phantom bass, and dynamic EQ) to deliver rich, full-range sound while minimizing sound that others can hear, and they do not require a tight fit.

No. At present Oladance Wearable Stereo B1 only supports switching to different devices by manual operation, it doesn’t support muti-points (devices) connecting at the same time.

A single Oladance B1 open headset weighs 12.9g/0.45oz. It’s super lightweight and suitable for long-time wear.

Yes. Oladance Wearable Stereo B1 is protected against sweat and splashes of water (IPX4 rating).

FAQ About Color And Texture

No problem! You can use the finger to slide the touch panel to control the headset to switch your playlist, pause or answer, reject the call, adjust the volume, activate your voice assistant, and other operations.

Every surface that touches your ear is made of soft silicone - not hard plastic. The skeleton of titanium wire is contained inside. It gives users a better wearing experience, and will not cause discomfort when worn for a long time.

We have ensured that all materials adhere to existing regulations and have passed relevant testing and certification. Furthermore, we keep committing to using safer and more comfortable materials which goes beyond those requirements.

A small number of people will have specific reactions to certain materials. This can be due to allergies, environmental factors, extended exposure to irritants such as soap, sweat and cosmetics, or other causes. If you know you have allergies or other sensitivities, please be aware that Oladance Wearable Stereo contains the following materials:


Some metal parts of Oladance Wearable Stereo contain a certain amount of nickel. However, they all satisfy the European REACH regulation’s strict nickel restrictions. Our users will be rarely exposed to these parts. Therefore, while nickel exposure is unlikely to be a problem, users who are sensitive to nickel please still be aware of the potential.


The adhesives used in Oladance Wearable Stereo contain trace amounts of acrylates. Many consumer products that come in contact with the skin contain acrylates, such as contact lenses. Some people may be sensitive to acrylates, or may develop sensitivities after using it for a period of time. Oladance Wearable Stereo has been designed to avoid direct skin contact with acrylate containing parts.

If you experience redness or any other irritation, it is recommended that you consult your physician before continuing to wear the product.

We provide a total of four colour options for you to choose based on your preference. They are Blue, Silver, Orange and White.


Not easily. Compared with traditional in-ear earbuds, the Oladance B1 uses an innovative ear-hanging design and has been rigorously tested to calculate the most accurate ear fulcrum to achieve a stable and firm wearing feeling. Compared with other open-ear

On the premise of wearing for a long time without discomfort, it is the perfect solution for various outdoor sports, such as running, skipping, yoga, and other sports, and keeps it stable on your ears.

headphones, Oladance’s unique battery behind design provides better balance for sports than normal open earphones

FAQ About Power

Featuring the unique battery behind design, the Oladance Wearable Stereo B1 has a 160mAh battery, and patented low-power algorithm, it can be used continuously for about 16 hours per charge.

Oladance Wearable Stereo can be used continuously for up to 94 hours with the charging case. The tripped battery life outperforms other in-ear or open-ear earbuds or bone conduction headsets.

On the premise of wearing for a long time without discomfort, it is the perfect solution for various outdoor sports, such as running, skipping, yoga, and other sports, and keeps it stable on your ears.

headphones, Oladance’s unique battery behind design provides better balance for sports than normal open earphones.